Unknown Dreamer


This is me

Welcome to my page. Let's start with the basics. That young lady to the right is me:
Aspiring Author, Model and future counselor of marriages.

I have big dreams.

Humongous Ideas.

Ginormous Hopes.

And all the Imagination in the world.

The site name "Elle Ephby" is my pen name. literally the acronym L.F.B. for my actual name. (Smart huh?)

This page is my way of introducing myself, covering all that I can without boring you to death. I like making my friends laugh, and although I am very blunt, I don't have a malicious bone in my body. I love working with kids, am currently a Teaching Assistant for a Pre-K, and want to do more for kids. I personally think the choices of a child come from the decisions of the parents. This is why I want to get into family and marriage counseling.
I plan on blogging about everything and anything. From my journey as an Author, as a model, in the psychology field, to relationships, my favorite shows, and all things Geeky.
Thank you for staying!
And be sure to tell me what I can do better!